Ecotourism Development
Aims to provide knowledge and skills about the things that needed in ecotourism development in an area and understanding the steps to develop ecotourism.

Carrying Capacity Analysis
Provide expert skills for analyzing or calculating carrying capacity of an area for maximum capacity of ecotourism.

Ecotourism /Sustainable Tourism Assessment
To provide skills to conduct assessment of resource potential for the development of ecotourism/sustainable tourism.

Ecotourism Product Development
Aims to provide an understanding of the various types of products in ecotourism and to have the skills in designing some ecotourism products.

Ecotourism Guide Training [Fundamental]
The purpose of this training is to provide basic knowledge and skills of guiding in ecotourism. The participants are expected have skills and self confidents to start doing in guiding services.

Ecotourism Guide Training [Advance]
This training aims to improve the skills of  guide in  the tourism product preparation and increase the ability to conduct observations in nature. Participants are expected to be able to design tour packages and interpretation program. 

Ecotourism Marketing
Aims to enhance the ability of the ecotourism players in marketing their products. The participants are expected to be able to choose the right way to sell their products.

Forest Walking Trail/Wetland Boating Trail Study
Provide Expert skill on making forest or wetland trail mapping, brochure development for ecotourism. We also orient people for doing this type of study.